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Python and Django install

Goto and download the setup as shown below:

Intall Python in c:\python Change the path variable so that the Python command becomes available in every directory

Test if python is install properly . Go to command Prompt and type "python"

Install Django Try to see if you have easy_install intalled

It seems that the path of easy install is not set. Normall when you install python, a folder named "script" gets created inside it which holds this file. So we need to add c:\python\scripts\ to our path varriable

Now test in the Easy_install is avialable

Now use Easy_install to Install Django Commnad is : easy_installDjango

Inorder to verify if you have installed Django correctly use the following command django-admin--version

Inorderto start a new Django project, Create a folder and get into it. Then use the following follwoing command : django-admin startproject website This is create a folder named "website" under you…